Walking To Lose Weight, 5 Awesome Tips

Christian Coulson
Updated: June 14, 2020
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Even though walking is not the be-all and end-all way to lose weight, it is a very simple and powerful tool that is often underestimated.

Just a quick daily 30-minute walk can have incredible benefits for those looking to lose weight.

In fact, low-intensity cardiovascular activities, such as walking, are what I have most of my athletes do when trying to burn fat.

Obviously, that’s paired with a well-rounded diet.

Walking To Lose Weight, 5 Awesome Tips

1. Enjoy It

I get it, you want to lose weight fast and want to walk super quick to burn more calories.

But walking so fast to the point where you don’t enjoy it and see it more as a “task” won’t help you as much as you think.

You might be able to push through something you don’t enjoy for a few weeks, but eventually, you will stop doing it.

When you go out for a walk, focus on your surroundings, enjoy the breeze, nature, and the time with yourself.

2. Find a Walking Buddy

No matter how introverted we are, we all need each other.

Finding someone to talk to during your walk will be great for you to connect and also keep each other accountable.

3. Find a Good Podcast or Audiobook

Take advantage of all that oxygen and blood being pumped to your brain!

Listen to good podcasts or audiobooks to learn while you walk.

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4. Make a Good Playlist

Are you more of a music type of person? Make a playlist with your favorite songs or try going for instrumentals.

I personally love listening to violin and piano instrumentals.

Fun fact: I’ve wanted to learn how to play the violin since I was a kid, and it is still in my to-do list.

5. Make it a Routine

Don’t leave your walk to chance, be intentional about it.

Don’t say “I will go for a walk tomorrow,” be specific, instead say “I will go for a walk tomorrow at 5 am.”

Set a time each day that you will go for a walk, whether it is early in the mornings, after work, or before going to bed.

Write it down on your schedule and GO. FOR. IT.

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As I mentioned before, walking is a great way to decompress, cut cravings, and burn some extra calories.

However, what will have the most effect on weight loss will be your eating habits.

Walking is just a tool to help you lose weight, but good eating habits is what will give you the most bang for your buck.

Benefits of Walking

1. Good For Your Brain

Walking improves oxygen flow to the brain.

This is important because your brain uses around 20% of your body’s total oxygen supply! So if you’re not getting enough, you might start to feel a little confused or foggy.

2. Good For Your Heart and Lungs

When you’re walking, your heart works harder and pumps more blood and oxygen to your muscles.

Since the heart is a muscle, this extra work will make it stronger, and as it gets stronger, it will pump out more blood with each heartbeat.

You’re basically training your heart to become a more efficient and stronger pump, say what!

Walking will also increase lung capacity, which will make breathing easier.

3. Reduces Sugar Cravings

Goodbye, sugar!

Walking may provide some cognitive stimulation that interferes with thoughts about the food you’re craving.

Plus, making this part of your routine may help you want to stay committed to your health and motivate you to make healthier food choices for the rest of the day.

4. Burns Primarily Body Fat

Low-intensity (LISS) walks will mostly use fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates as compared to resistance training or HIIT cardio.

5. Reduces Stress

Walking has been shown to reduce cortisol levels in the body.

So walking will not only help you burn some calories but will also help you reduce stress, which can sometimes be the reason why we overeat, am I right?

What’s the Best Time To Go For a Walk?

I’m not sure there’s exactly a “best” time, but I personally love doing it first thing in the morning, it just sets the mood for the rest of the day.

You’re going to feel, healthy, positive, motivated, and accomplished!

What About Fasted Cardio?

You may have heard some people argue that doing cardio early in the morning in a fasted state burns more fat.

I’m about to throw a little science at you so bear with me.

The body will, in fact, prioritize fat burning DURING the cardio session; however, it will switch to glucose (carbs) as its preferred energy source for the rest of the day.

Likewise, if the body utilizes carbs as fuel during cardio it will then rely on fat throughout the day.

If you burn more of one substrate during a cardio session, you will burn less of that same substrate throughout the day.

Fat loss is mostly dependent on the individual maintaining a caloric deficit for an extended period of time than it is from training in a fasted or fed state.

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