Leonardo weight loss transformation image

Leonardo Chong

It started in early 2018 when I made having a “six-pack” one of my goals. I had already let go of myself a little and was weighing around 180 lb measuring only 5’6″, which is considered a bit overweight. I started to diet on my own and go to the gym, but I did not see the results I wanted; I was eating healthy, but still wasn’t reaching my goal.

A few months later a friend from the gym introduced me to Chris, he told me to send him a message and ask for his rates, which I thought would be expensive, but they ended up being very convenient so I agreed.
Chris introduced me to flexible dieting and macro tracking, which changed my life. I used to think that all bodybuilders ate was broccoli, chicken, and rice. This was my first experience with a coach and it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had without a doubt. I started with Chris at 156 lb and went down to 138 lb; I managed to get my abs showing and happy with the results.

Chris has definitely been a good friend and mentor during my bodybuilding journey.

Sandra Testimonial Image

Sandra LaPlante

I started seeing changes a few weeks after I started following my routine and completing my macros. Flexible dieting is perfect for incorporating in your life because it is not a diet – it becomes part of your routine.

I love how responsive Chris is and how good he is at working with you. He will do anything it takes to help you reach your goals without you feeling stressed about it. He lets you go at your own pace and understands that there are other things in life than just dieting and following a routine – he builds everything to work around your lifestyle.

Rainier Testimonial Image

Rainier Güete

Already tired of trying exercise routines and fad diets recommended by people who didn’t have enough experience in the field, I decided to reach out to Chris.

He introduced me to flexible dieting. He told me that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I stayed within my allotted macros. A few weeks into working with Chris, I started realizing how much nutrition and training complement each other. I couldn’t believe I was eating the foods I liked and still losing body fat.

My change was quick and I am grateful for this. I was able to lose a great amount of body fat and feel comfortable with my body again. I’d definitely recommend working with Chris if you’re looking to make a change to a healthier lifestyle.